Varsity Requirements

Varsity Swimming Letter Requirements

The guidelines established below are to set a clear expectation on what is needed to obtain a Varsity swimming letter.

  1. Score 60 points at the Varsity Level*
  2. Attend 95 % of all Practices and Meets including morning and dryland practices
  3. Be in good standing with the Coaching Staff

* Scoring at Meets is based on the Meet Type.  Dual Meets score 6-4-3-2-1 for individual and 8-4-2 for relays.  All members of the Relay divide the relay points equally.  Example: In a dual meet, each member would get 2 points for a first place 8-point relay.


    • Morning Practice (530-630)
      • Technical Swims, Buckets, Underwater work, Pullouts, Turns
    • Afternoon Swim (430-630)
      • Aerobic – 6,000 yards


    • Dryland (330-430)
    • Afternoon Swim (430-630)
      • Stroke Group Quality Work – 4,500 yards


    • Dryland (330-430)
    • Afternoon Swim (430-630)
      • Recovery Day – 5,000 yards


    • Meet Day OR
    • Afternoon Swim (430-630)
      • Fast Swimming 4,500 yards


    • Morning Practice (530-630)
      • More yard focused
    • Afternoon Swim (400-530)
      • Technical Work – 5,000 yards


    • Meet Day OR
    • Morning Dryland (700-800)
    • Morning Swim (800-1000)
      • Test Set – 6,000 yards

Expectations for Varsity:

    • 3 unexcused missed practices in 1 month = Out of a meet
    • 5 unexcused tardiness or leaving early in 1 month = Out of a meet
    • Days the swimmer will not be at the pool they communicate with a coach prior to date. Including either an email to the team email ( or texting/talking to a coach.
    • Expected to be at mornings, especially if an afternoon is missed during the week
    • Expected to be at dryland (If they cannot participate due to a health reason we will find a substitution)
    • Club competitive swimming
    • Maintains good grades during school year
    • Total yards per week = around 26k-30k

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